e-Events offers a vast array of services which you can choose from to design an unforgettable, bespoke experience. Our menu of services include, but not limited to: 

 Themes, Set Design and Build-up

  • Floral Concepts
  • Table Set Up
  • Rented or Customized Furniture
  • Branding & Printing
  • Catering for All Dietary Requirements 
  • Menu Suggestions
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Special Effects & Technology
  • Hostesses & Models
  • Staffing 
  • Uniforms & Merch
  • Entertainment
  • Celebrity Endorsements 
  • Invitation Cards & Gifts
  • RSVP Management
  • Registry Management
  • Event Coordination & Project Management 
  • Photographers & Videographer 
  • Full Take-Down 
  • Repurposing & Recycling Options 


Together, our disciplined and efficient team will work diligently to achieve the highest standard of creativity and professionalism to create your vision. Driven by passion, marked by integrity and precision excellences, we will create an awe-inspiring experience that you and your guests will cherish forever.