Investor Relations

We continuously deliver our stakeholder’s expectations through an immersive environment, enabling our team to deliver our purpose through our values.

Our business philosophy is driven by our DNA and is the core to our success. It incorporates our vision, our purpose and our values. 

We are significant and sustainable 

Our Vision: Describes our expectations and how the business is assessed in terms of creating sustainable value. 

For our clients: “ember offers unmatched strategic foresight for transformation coupled with an immersive, on demand experience offering and  outstanding client focus.”

For our employees: “the ember culture offers an environment that drives innovation, rewarding my passion for excellence and recognizing my unique contribution whilst celebrating collaborations.”

For our shareholders: “We are long-term investors in ember as we trust in management’s capacity to execute innovative strategies that deliver significant, sustainable, growth, year after year."

Our Purpose: Defines our clients and experience offering.

Our Values: Shape the business culture and employee behaviour required to achieve our purpose.


At ember we run an ELITE project management system to ensure the flawless execution and implementation of projects. Our seamless system uses applied best practice for performance excellence using the following processes: 

E-QL: Expected quality level for delivery excellence.  
L-EAN: Project management system to optimize technology, assets and verticals to drive efficiencies and productivity. 
I-SO: International Organization for Standardization applied in the form of naming conventions, organizational standards, corporate governance and more.
T-OE: Terms of Engagement refer to the rules and code of ethics that individuals and entities adhere to when engaging with us including terms such as confidentiality and following best practice procedures. 
E-RP: Enterprise Resource Planning tools to effectively integrate our processes, data, CRM, project management and more.


Our Management Team:

Alanoud Tahlawi
Chief Executive Officer


Astha Kohli
Managing Director