World Leading Private Spa

Our client reached out to us to consult on their private spa and to recommend the latest equipment. We recommended not only the state-of-the-art equipment, but we also shared the latest techniques that can be self-applied without trained nurses or specialists to optimize the effects.

We then elevated our client’s experience further by creating a full medical treatment offering, complete with accredited nurses and experts to utilize the equipment. We scaled the globe and reached out to leading international wellness resorts to assess the spa menu and treatment portfolio.

In line with our client’s requirements, we compiled multiple menus suggesting experiences such as annual detoxes, rejuvenation packages, pre and post-natal, anti-ageing offerings, etc. combing both medical and non-medical treatments. Our client then sampled all the experiences and based on their feedback we shortlisted treatment packages to create a full, personalized menu. The experiences incorporate everything from facials to massages to detoxes and further extending to activities for the children.

Based on the success of the private spa, we collaborate with key industry professionals to revisit the treatment menu bi-annually to keep up to date with the latest innovations and scientific discoveries. We continuously reassess and elevate the staff’s skills to ensure they remain world leading experts as the sector is constantly evolving.