ember lifestyle

Lifestyle Elevation Beyond Compare

Elevation Consultancy

ember provides full-fledged project conceptualization, consulting and execution across all spectrums where the end purpose is to elevate and enhance. Examples include creating bespoke scents in partnership with elite perfumeries; producing custom-made amenity lines with top luxury brands; designing tailored packaging and individual brand identities; setting up pop-ups incorporating a range of immersive experiences; creating kids clubs and edutainment concepts, and so much more.

Above and Beyond Experiences

Through a personal database of world-renowned contacts that reads like a celebrity rolodex, ember grants unprecedented access to an extensive repertoire of A-list experiences including dinner parties hosted by world renowned Michelin chefs, wellness sessions administered by leading pioneers in the industry, private meet & greets with favorite celebrities, glam sessions with the world’s top beauticians, and stylists, and beyond.

Unparalleled Access

Access to the world's most sought-after events, experiences, and destinations. From private art viewings, fashion shows and early access to high-fashion collections, to luxury travel itineraries, VIP sports packages and more, expect only unmatched experiences and exclusive perks.

Specialized Expertise

With a vast network of top, sought-after specialists in various fields, including art, automotive, aviation, yachts, wellness, education, breeds and medical advisory services, ember ensures that members receive only the best expert advice and support in every aspect of their lives.

Personalized Wellness and Retreats

Customized wellness and retreat service recommendations for optimum wellness and inner harmony in the most serene and luxurious environments. Experience the finest spa treatments, rejuvenating wellness retreats, holistic health programs, personal trainers, in-home yoga and Pilates sessions, and spa appointments tailored to meet the most specific of personal needs.


Home and Estate Recommendations

This includes property sourcing and other personalized recommendations based on personal needs and requirements.


Personal Shopping and Styling

With access to a network of the world’s top personal shoppers and stylists, family members may request wardrobe curating and cataloguing, sourcing of limited-edition items, coordination of private session bookings with top beauticians and stylists and access to expert fashion and beauty advice tailored to individual tastes and requirements.



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