Who We Are


ember Lifestyle is the GCC region’s premier designer and curator of truly bespoke, luxury travel journeys and sophisticated lifestyle elevation experiences.
A powerhouse of collective experience, industry expertise, insider access and a unique global network of partners and collaborators, we provide bespoke and cutting-edge travel and lifestyle services that set us apart in a league of our own.

Unparalleled Knowledge - Travel is our Forte

An in-depth and intimate understanding of local needs and global luxury standards empowers ember to offer luxury travel and lifestyle enhancement services that are truly unrivaled, to a niche and elite clientele. With a prime focus on elevating all their luxury travel and lifestyle needs to the next level, ember cultivates an environment that consistently transcends their expectations.

An Immersive Journey Like No Other

The process commences with ember’s team of innovators and curators working diligently to breathe life into their clientele’s visions, making sure that each experience engages the five senses, creating a deeply immersive journey that leaves a lasting impression.
They imagine the location, the narrative, the tempo. They architect unforeseen meetings and blaze the trail for groundbreaking ideas. They discover concealed gateways that usher in a unique experience. They handpick the materials, the fragrances, and the flavors that will encapsulate and reflect the desired ambiance.
Each step is intricately tailored with the diligence of a master craftsman with the intention of delighting the intended recipient, aiming for a multi-sensory journey that is nothing short of perfection.

As a beacon of unrivaled luxury, ember designs and curates bespoke travel journeys and elevated lifestyle experiences that don’t merely transcend the realm of imagination but redefine it. A pacesetter, ember goes above and beyond every step of the way to shape the future of refined luxury exploration and indulgent living, providing unprecedented and revolutionary products and experiences that stand unequaled.

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