From a Bespoke Scent to an Entire Personal Brand


We received a project from a client to source bathroom amenities, we proposed to reach out to bespoke perfumiers to create a customized line which the client eagerly accepted. We reached out to top perfumiers around the world to create three bespoke lines for the client to choose from, ensuring exclusivity and uniqueness. Working closely with these leading perfumiers, we then collaborated with the most “sought-after nose” in the industry to further develop the scent detail as per our client’s likes and dislikes which could then be translated into multiple facets including gifting, candles, diffusers, nebulizers and more.

This bespoke approach of personalizing the bathroom amenities line led us then to develop the client’s own personal identity through incorporating leading packaging complete with a custom logo in line with our client’s identity.

Our client, thrilled with their newly developed personal brand and packaging, rolled it out to other areas of their lives including their gifting such as food & beverage packaging (such as Eid sweets).


After implementation and the successful adoption of the client’s personal scent, it was then adapted and rolled out to their homes across the world, carefully ensuring each home had its own identity underpinned by their signature scent. Each home also adapted the logo whilst keeping its identity to apply to packaging and stationery.

The scent evolved into other areas of the households such as laundry detergent and ventilation systems to staple the identity, as you would with a hotelier or international resort.  

Years later the client reached out to us again to conceptualize and implement similar needs for all their business initiatives.