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ember's DNA


ember is the world’s leading transformation and elevation consultancy, ushering revolutionary experiences to our clients, may it be within the ultimate lifestyle management space or in brand elevation 



ember delivers an unmatched experience emporium, transforming client engagement through curated future innovations coupled with on-demand services



Excellence with Passion

Meticulous Execution

Bold Innovation

Entrepreneurship Thinking

Reasoning and Influencing


Our business philosophy is driven by our DNA. Our DNA fundamentally describes who we are. It is the heart and soul of our business that drives our operations, our principles and our decision-making processes. It is our uniqueness that sets us in a league of our own.


The ember code of ethics, called our Terms of Engagement, is for all individuals and entities engaging with us, including terms such as business ethics, confidentiality and best practice procedures.

The ember Terms of Engagement can be viewed here.


ember's Society

Our society is an eco-system made up of exemplary individuals and organizations. We are known for our demonstrative social value and impact excellence.

The ember Society is composed of:
TRANSFORMATION COMMITTEE: A unique committee composed of influential intellectuals and progressive individuals globally who lead the way of transformation. 


STRATEGIC PARTNERS: Our strategic partners form part of our ember ecosystem through various capacities such as joint venture partners, investors and mergers and acquisitions. This model is highly impactful as it offers enhanced efficiency in addition to speed of service delivery. 


ember BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Our board of directors are leaders in their field and give ember a unique advantage and our prestigious stature.


ember EMPLOYEES: We pride ourselves as a destination for ambitious talent. Our unique high performance and meritocratic culture encourages ambition, innovation and career growth at an exceptional rate.    


OUTSOURCED OPERATORS & AGENTS: We have an extensive directory of outsourced operators and agents across all sectors, able to access any product and service.